Ali Carr-Chellman: Gaming to re-engage boys in learning

Ali Carr-Chellman is a former third-grade teacher who is now an instructional designer, author and educator and teaches at Penn State University. In this video from TEDtalks, Carr-Chellman addresses the need to redesign better video games that will engage boys in elementary classes. She also highlights the need for more funding and support for educational game design.

Empowering engagement with blogs

Professor Christopher Long of Penn State University discusses in this video how he uses blogs where his students co-author a document to engage in dialogue and collaboration as they write critically about topics. The students see it as an opportunity to engage in writing for each other and an online audience. 

Increasing student engagement using podcasts - Case study

Dr. Ray Randall from the University of Leicester discusses in this video how podcasts were used to help students engage in course material in an online learning environment. Dr. Randall explains the three primary educational purposes of the podcasts and emphasizes that the availability of the podcasts allowed students to efficiently use their time.


T4LT - Online student engagement tips and strategies

Presenters Alan Peterka and Emily McWorthy of Kirkwood Community College offer ten tips or strategies to encourage student engagement in online courses. Strategies include making initial contact with students, monitor student activity, provide relevant and meaningful assignments and time management training. Most of the strategies in this video can also be applied to other learning environments.


Providence College - Social Media and Student Engagement in Learning

This video captures a presentation by Dr. Rey Junco who is speaking at Providence College where he discusses his research findings on social media platforms and student engagement. Presenting quantitative data on student engagement using platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Dr. Junco argues that social media can be successfully integrated into course content to increase student engagement.


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